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The Gateway area each summer is known for a consistent schedule of events that appeals to families of all ages.

LumberKings games and concerts at Nelson Corp Field, Clinton Area Showboat Theatre musicals, Finally Fridays, Music on the Avenue and the Fourth of July Festival are events we all count on for entertainment to be shared with friends and neighbors.

But this year will be different.

Because of the coronavirus pandemic’s impact, organizers of some events decided to cancel because of social distancing requirements that would be difficult to maintain. Others canceled because it would be impossible to prepare for their events even after the go-ahead had been given. Finally Fridays and CAST productions are two of them; they will return in 2021.

Other organizers have windows of opportunity they are making the best of. While the LumberKings’ MiLB season has been delayed, concerts are taking place at the stadium. The second one was Saturday night.

Music on the Avenue is moving forward; the first concert in that series will be June 25. And the Fourth of July Festival also will be set up, although modified. There won’t be a parade but there will be festival activities, a Random Tanner concert and fireworks to close out the night.

We also want to point out that while our summer activities are modified, or if people are leery of large crowds right now, there still are many things they can do.

Go for a swim. Clinton’s River Swimming Pool will open June 22. The pool is now filled and stands waiting for lap swimmers, lessons and family swims.

Ride a bike.

Take a walk along Riverview Drive.

Have a picnic.

Go fishing.

When the pandemic restrictions were at their height, we all learned new ways to cope and, for many, our days were opened up to spend time learning new things alongside our families. This summer is presenting us with those same opportunities.

And thanks to all who have been evaluating how lifting restrictions can and will affect community plans. It can’t be easy to make decisions to cancel. It also can’t be easy to set up events in light of a virus, which while it appears to be abating, could flare up if we aren’t vigilant.