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Thanksgiving is upon us, and with it comes the time of year that we take a step back to remember all the things for which we are thankful.

Among them are the obvious – family, friends, food and shelter.

This thanksgiving, we also want to point out some other facets of life for which we are thankful.

Our freedoms: In America, we have the freedoms that so many others wish they had. Just look at the top of this Opinion page. Everyday you will find listed there the freedoms ensured to us under the First Amendment.

We must protect them and be thankful each day that they are ours.

Our community: Take a look around. There is a sense of community here in which neighbors look out for each other. There are organizations and volunteers who work together to make life better for those living in the Gateway area, getting necessary items to those in need.

We have people here who look out for the homeless to get them food and shelter. They collect coats to provide warmth. The Associate Benevolent Society, Information, Referral and Assistance, the Victory Center Rescue Mission, the Share Our Sandwiches program – the list goes on and on.

Our safety: Our local law enforcement and firefighters are second to none. One needs only to look at the events of last Friday, when there was a reported threat at a school in Fulton, to know that all of the agencies. top of line, are pros at working together.They also quickly spread the word about what happened, which helped everyone get through a very tumultuous afternoon.

We live in a great area of the country, with wonderful people who watch out for each other.

For that we all can be thankful.