GOP needs to ‘reach across the aisle’ in budget talks

In response to Sen. Joni Ernst’s article in the Sept. 28 edition of the Clinton Herald, I would like to point out that her proposed program of Prime Cuts (Cancel Unnecessary Transactions & Spending) is just a feel-good measure by the GOP to relieve them of their guilt for blowing up the national debt in two sessions of Congress during the last administration.

The biggest was the massive tax cut for the ultra-rich corporations and citizens.

Let’s be clear, neither political party is solely responsible for the creation of or the increase of the national debt. The Democrats are accused of tax and spend while the GOP look at themselves to be more fiscally responsible, touting smaller government for the welfare of the working class. They are showing themselves to be concentrating more on less government oversight for the wealthiest of our nation but then turn to their frugal side when it comes to supporting programs for the working class that they so lovingly claim they champion.

Being someone who considers himself an Independent voter but will caucus with the Democratic Party, some of the items on the President’s wish list of the Build Back Better program may be a little too far out on a limb for achieving right now, but as a whole, the proposals for improved physical infrastructure, education, steps toward energy independence and clean air policies, along with social programs will help the working class of this country. There is no reason for the GOP to not bargain in good faith and “reach across the aisle”.

When the GOP served up those massive tax cuts three years ago, there was no talk of reaching across the aisle or even worries of expanding the national debt.

If I recall accurately, President Trump was more than willing to shut down the government twice, but that would have been on the GOP’s watch so in order to save face, they were forced to work with the Democrats to raise the spending limits to keep the government from defaulting.

So now why is the GOP balking to work with the President on his proposals? Could it be that they don’t want to take back the huge tax credits that benefited the few to pay for programs that will benefit a majority and hold the real possibility of raising revenue through job growth? Thusly paying down our nation’s debt?

So in my opinion Sen. Ernst it is being very heavy handed that they should put all of the blame on the Democrats for the existence and growth of the national debt.

Spending programs and revenue are equal partners in balancing a budget whether it be a household or a country.

But I will agree that for generations to come the working class will be saddled with our rising debt. That responsibility lies on everyone’s shoulders in Congress, past and present, despite party affiliation!

Joel Butz, Clinton

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