Clinton Herald Letter to the Editor-01

Kudos to Rita Hart! Iowans deserve an accurate ballot count for U.S. House District 2.

While an initial recount examined ballots that had not been counted correctly on Election Day, several counties did not conduct the full hand recount necessary to make sure every Iowan’s vote was counted.

The recount process in Iowa used just three people per county to examine ballots, making it impossible to hand count every ballot over the course of two weeks. There remain thousands more ballots that have not been examined for voter intent at all.

Hart had six days under Iowa Code to appeal to Iowa's legal system for redress after the Dec. 7 certification.

"If 72 members of the recount boards could not do that in the time they had, then 5 members of a judicial panel could not do it in less than a week," stated retired Iowa judge Gary D McKenrick.

Iowa Senate minority leader Zach Wahls offers, "If Republicans are interested in a fair process instead of a rushed timeline, we'd be happy to introduce a leadership bill early in the session to remove Iowa's arbitrary deadline to allow this process to move forward in Iowa court rather than Congress. Until then, Rita's decision will allow the necessary time to accurately adjudicate this process and is the right call."

Jim Glasson, West Branch

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