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It is frustrating to see television ads charging Rita Hart is a “radical leftist.”

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Rita’s record in the Iowa Senate and in our community is clear. Her life experiences as a teacher, farmer, caregiver for her mother, and in state government have forged an intelligent, pragmatic leader with strong character, integrity, honesty, faith, and common sense. She has been willing to work “across the aisle” if doing so is in the best interests of her district.

Rita has stated her vision on the most critical issues: 1. quality healthcare that is affordable, protects and expands coverage, and lowers drug costs, and 2. the economy. She founded the Clinton County Economic Development Coordinating Council and created a framework for small-town mayors to work together for economic growth.

I spent time on the Board of Directors of the Clinton Regional Development Corporation and found Rita eager to work for economic and workforce development. She supported efforts to develop the closed Ashford University campus in Clinton for new educational uses.

I’ve known Rita and Paul for several years. Rita cares deeply about families and businesses hurt by the COVID-19 crises and will do everything she can to get people back to work safely as Congress works on relief legislation.

Rita Hart is a perfect fit for our district. We can all count on her to do the right thing.

David Sivright Jr.