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Who is Rita Hart and why should you vote for her for Iowa’s 2nd Congressional District? I have known Rita for several years as a politician, a fellow volunteer and as a friend. Respecting the social distancing COVID-19 requires; this pandemic has prevented some of you from having the face-to-face opportunity to meet with Rita.

But let me tell you: Rita is the real deal.

Rita is a thoughtful, intelligent, considerate woman who works tirelessly for all Iowans. She has always listened to both sides, gathering information to make educated decisions. She doesn’t ask what party you are affiliated with when making determinations or holding listening sessions. She is truly a representative for all of us. Married to Paul and a mother and grandmother, Rita is also a woman of unquestionable Catholic faith.

As a healthcare activist, I have seen firsthand how Rita addresses the financial shortcomings provided for the treatment and care of the mentally ill. Understanding and fighting against the deficiency in funding providers face, Rita is also a compassionate and knowledgeable advocate for equitable access for healthcare. She believes quality, affordable healthcare is a right for all – not for some. Rita will fight for a just solution for healthcare for all Iowans and make sure pre-existing conditions will be protected under any plan.

But Rita also knows, healthcare comes with a price. A price that a renewed focus on economic development will provide for growth and prosperity. Rita founded the Clinton County Economic Development Coordinating Council for small-town mayors to work together to spur economic growth. By working together, the communication and group efforts will provide an impact for years to come.

As a farmer and former teacher, Rita knows cooperation and collaboration is the key to any investment for our future. Please join me in voting for my friend, Rita Hart.

Jennifer Graf,