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I have had the pleasure of knowing Rita Hart for several years. She was our State senator who focused on listening and conversing with her constituents as she evaluated the issues and voted to best represent their needs.

Rita is a knowledgeable, conscientious, open-minded individual who exercises good Iowa common sense with her listening and decision-making skills. She grew up in a household where one parent supported one political party while the other parent supported another political party. Thus, she learned early in her life the need to listen, ask questions, evaluate the information and then make a decision that provides the most benefit to those impacted.

As a result, she knows the need and benefit to work with both sides of an issue to come to the best alternative.

Rita and her husband, Paul, own and operate a family farm, so she understands agricultural issues and the fact that Iowa farmers are impacted by international factors as well as uncontrollable situations such as the weather.

She is a long-time teacher, who values the need to educate young people so they develop the ability to interpret information, make logical decisions that will hopefully improve the quality of their lives as well as teaching them integrity and character value so they have concern and commitment to making their local community a better place to live for their and future generations.

Norlan Hinke,


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