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Have you been at a Democratic caucus and wondered what was going on and why did it take so long to get registered and then wait for the action to begin?

I was in that position in 2016 and decided to do something. I answered the call to become a member of the county central committee member from my precinct, be a delegate to the county convention, and work on the platform committee to help develop the county platform for that year.

I would like to invite you to get involved and shape the direction of the party. Here is what you can do:

If you are not already registered as a Democrat then submit a voter registration form either online at the Iowa Secretary of State’s Website, https://sos.iowa.gov/elections/voterinformation/voterregistration.html or in-person to the County Auditor’s office before the end of this year. When you do this your name will be on the list for your precinct caucus. Even if you don’t register as a Democrat in advance you will still be able to do so on Feb. 3. You can get through the line easier if you are already a registered Democrat.

Learn more about how the caucus works by doing a little homework. Visit https://iowademocrats.org/2020-more-caucus-documents/ and read the 2020 Delegate Selection Plan or, better yet take, the training to become a precinct chair or very knowledgeable volunteer at https://action.iowademocrats.org/page/s/2020-caucus-training. You can also just volunteer to help run your precinct caucus. Contact your current central committee member(s) from your precinct, call our county headquarters at 242-9064, or fill out the volunteer form https://action.iowademocrats.org/page/s/caucus-volunteers on the state party website.

On Feb. 3 attend your precinct caucus and run to be a delegate to the county convention from your Presidential preference group. If you aren’t elected to be a delegate be sure to be an alternate (every preference group can have an unlimited number of alternates). When it comes time for your precinct to elect people to serve on the organizing committees for the county convention only delegates and alternates can be elected. You can work on the platform committee or on a thing called the Committee on Committees. This Committee on Committees will meet and break into three committees. There is a rules and nominations committee, which will form the suggested rules for the county convention and oversee all of the nominations and elections. There is a credentials committee, which oversees the seating of delegates and, if needed, seat alternates to take the place of any missing delegates. The third committee is the arrangements committee, which oversees the convention location and provision of food and drink for the convention. The county convention will be held on March 21, 2020.

Finally, you can run to be a member of the county central committee. The central committee meets monthly on the third Tuesday. Each precinct can elect three committee members and two alternates. These meetings, like all meetings of the Democratic party, are open to the public. Get involved. Make change happen.

Bill Jacobs,