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Building on yesterday’s editorial – when the Clinton Herald Editorial Board gave its endorsement for Ward 2 and Ward 4 Clinton City Council races, today we announce our endorsements for the mayoral and at-large seats that will be decided Tuesday.

In those two races, Mayor Mark Vulich is contested by newcomer Scott Maddasion, while over in the at-large race, incumbent Cody Seeley faces Gregg Obren, the longtime Clinton parks and recreation department director who now is retired.

As we explained in yesterday’s editorial, the Clinton Herald Editorial Board met last week with seven candidates who want to fill the four seats up for grabs at the city/school board elections.

When our sessions were completed, editorial board members individually scored the candidates. Those with the highest scores have been chosen to receive our endorsement.

In the mayoral race, we are endorsing the reelection of Mark Vulich, who already has served two terms as mayor. There is a lot going on in Clinton right now. Among the projects are the street pavement management program, housing rehab program plans, the reconstruction plans for South Bluff Boulevard and South 21st Street, sewer work, new recreational amenities and continued railpark development. Vulich has been in city government, both as mayor and while serving on the council prior to that, through all of it.

No doubt Maddasion is a sharp candidate, and we are impressed with his desire to commit to making the mayor’s role one that is more visible at community events.

But running for mayor, without having previously served in a ward or at large seat, is a big bite to take. Our hope is that he would seek a council seat to prepare for another run at the mayoral seat.

As a result, we want to see Vulich reelected based on his experience and the connections he has made on behalf of Clinton.

Over in the at-large race, the decision was more difficult to make. Seeley has already served one term on the council and knows what is going on with projects, the budget and upcoming plans. And Obren? There is no one more committed to making Clinton the best it can be. He has been involved in local projects and organizations for decades and this community is all the better for the work he has done and continues to do.

In the end, the scores point to reelecting Seeley. But just like the Ward 2 race we detailed yesterday, either of these candidates would be great and both deserve a voice at the table.

We hope Obren will run again for city office also knowing that the work he will continue to do is important to this city, whether he is on, or works alongside, the city council.

So there you have it – our picks for the four seats.

We will conclude our thoughts with one final, important request.

If you have not already done so, please vote. Let your voice be heard.