Kudos to Grassley for speaking out against International Price Index

Senator Grassley has been a creator and promoter of conservative solutions to issues in government for over 40 years.

He takes ideas from both sides of the aisle and looks over them with a keen eye. This is no different now that the Department of Human Services and Centers for Medicare and Medicaid services are coming up with many new ideas. Although many of the ideas coming out of Washington, D.C. have good intentions, a few of them will do more harm than good, and for one in particular, Senator Grassley was very smart to speak out against it.

The Senator spoke out against the International Price Index, and I want to commend him on it. He spoke out against it primarily of the negative effect it would have on innovation and research, but there are other reasons that make it undesirable as well. The policy would tie Medicare Part B physician reimbursements to an index of foreign countries. The majority of these 15 or so countries have fully socialized healthcare, and as a result control prices with market-distorting policies and red tape. And top it all off, the system inserts a bureaucratically chosen middle-man vendor into the medication selection process. This middleman will likely use formularies to put further restrictions on the patient/physician relationship for Part B medications.

It was bold of Senator Grassley to speak out against this proposal, and I hope he works with others in Washington, D.C. to oppose it.

Dan Smicker, DeWitt