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Democrats are not anarchists

Lately there has been a series of political ads that are designed to make Americans afraid. Democrats, who were once called “big government” are now portrayed as no government anarchists.

Steve Diesch, Chief Deputy of the Clinton County Sheriff’s department is not an anarchist. Eric Van Lancker, Clinton County Auditor and Commissioner of Elections, who has administered every election in Clinton County fairly and justly for more than a decade, is not an anarchist.

Former Clinton Fire Chief, Mike Brown, who is running for the Board of Supervisors, is not an anarchist. Ranking member of the Iowa House Judiciary Committee, Mary Wolfe is not an anarchist. Ryan Zesky, Rita Hart, Theresa Greenfield, and former Vice-President Joe Biden are not anarchists.

What they do have in common though is the faith that government can work for all people. That Americans can be free from fear and want. Protected in their homes, on the streets and in their houses of worship by our government. But faith without good deeds is dead.

That is why I am calling on you and every voter in Clinton County to find their Absentee Ballot Request form that was mailed to you recently, fill it out, sign it, cut it, fold it, tape it shut, and mail it back to the Auditor’s office postage paid today. If you can’t find or didn’t get your form then call the Auditor’s office at 563-244-0568 and ask for another one. Once your request is turned in, then your ballot will be mailed to you beginning in October.

The virus of fear and hypocrisy that those commercials I mentioned above are trying to spread can be stopped. Our body politic needs an inoculation just like we will when the vaccine to the Covid-19 pandemic is found. When you get your ballot this fall then vote for every Democrat that is on it. Together we can make America greater!

Bill Jacobs, Clinton