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My name is Ryan Zeskey. I am running to be the Democratic State Representative in the Iowa Legislature in House District 97 this November. Participating in the democratic process has been important to me ever since I served to protect those rights as a member of the U.S. Navy.

We pray in order to communicate with God to learn His will for us and to offer ourselves to Him. God always answers prayer. He may not, however, answer the way we want Him to.

It took a letter in the paper to Ask Annie to remind me to write this letter. We want to thank all the newspaper carriers, especially our past and present carriers. We have always had good ones and good service. Thank you!

I attended the protest in downtown Tuesday and I was supposed to be able to read a poem that I wrote, but due to time restrictions, my speech was cut. This piece is very important to me and I would really love to have my voice heard. Here is the writing:

Kudos to the 235 members of Mask Taskforce, Clinton County, Iowa. And they are a force. Their work has earned accolades from all who hear of their work, from all who wear their masks and gowns and extenders and headbands.

These are rough times when we are locked in at The Alverno and no one can come in, not even our families. So The Alverno got busy and made it a happy Mother’s Day.

Please don’t judge me or hate me. I am going to continue to drive my car against all common sense. According to statistics from the sites given below, 1.6% of all licensed drivers in the United States died in 2018 (the most recent year I could get statistics) from auto accidents.

[Mariannette] Miller-Meeks says she’s “pro-choice” in 2018 video. “I’m also Catholic. I am pro-choice…” and “a person’s choice to get an abortion is best left to doctors, to providers and to patients.” But the baby has no say!

What will we as a nation have learned once the COVID-19 virus has subsided to the point we will all have to live in a new “normal” way of life?

If you look at an April calendar, you’ll probably notice Earth Day listed on April 22. This national day calls attention to putting environmental concerns at the forefront.

In the coming days, many of us will be receiving a pandemic-triggered check from the government. What are you going to do with yours? If your job doesn’t exist because of the pandemic or your business has been shuttered, you most likely need this money, but many of the rest of us don’t – so …

The responses to my last letter to the editor have been rather amusing. I can’t really say I didn’t expect some of it, because so many people resort to attacking the messenger when they can’t address the message. However, I must say you have all failed – miserably.

Please help me discern how I could do the most good. Say that I have $10,000 of disposable income yearly with which to help people. Would I get more bang for my buck if I:

We have a crisis but it’s not the one you think we have. Yes, we have a serious health crisis but what we have that is hurting the U.S. even more is the fact our government doesn’t want to work together.

“Who would have known” or a similar phrase is often heard from President Trump when he finally recognizes something that is common knowledge to most of us.

Too many people look to place blame for the spread of COVID-19 on President Trump, with the idea put in their mind that he did not act fast enough.

We at the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service know that families come in all shapes and sizes, and that’s true for wildlife too. Meet Valor I, Valor II and Starr, a breeding trio of bald eagles that live along the Mississippi River in Illinois. For several years, fans from all over the world have…


The high cost of childcare is often a major problem for many families struggling to get by. Oftentimes, one parent is forced to stay at home and take care of children, not by choice but due to the unaffordable costs of day care. This forces many Iowans out of the workforce at a time when bus…


CLINTON — Among the events scheduled for the Clinton History Club in March is the tour of Central Fire Station, 344 Third Ave. South, set for March 19.

On behalf of the Clinton County Republication Central Committee we would like to congratulate President Donald Trump on the overwhelming support in this year’s Iowa caucus.


As a board member of the Clinton County Development Association, I recently had the opportunity to hear about the latest technology available in breathing apparatus for firefighters. Goose Lake Fire Department was asking to use some of their remaining grant funds in order to purchase a new a…

Less than four years ago this reader was fed up with the daily barrage of pro-Democratic opinions published in the Clinton Herald prior to the 2016 election.

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