Accountability is key

The Walter Williams column in the Clinton Herald on Thursday, June 7, 2018 is correct.

But the much larger problem than the hidden gun-control agenda is the lack of accountability which pervades our society. That is the cause of the disrespect and lawlessness which is growing in our midst.

When a parent gets in trouble for disciplining their child for disobedience it erodes the child's feelings that he is accountable for his decisions and actions. He is led down the road of believing "It's not my fault, it's somebody else's."

When a student gets disciplined in school for being a bully, disruptive or any violation of rules of behavior and the teacher is reprimanded instead of the student being held accountable and punished, the same "It's not my fault" thinking is reinforced in the student's mind.

When a person proven guilty of a felony is not held accountable within the justice system and is back on the streets, violates probation, is put on probation again, violates it again and receives more leniency, there is no winner. The felon is not helped, society is not better off, the court system becomes more and more congested, the attitude of disrespect for authority by the public is reinforced.

Nobody wins, except for the court-appointed lawyers who are being paid from our tax dollars. And there is much publicity about mental illness today. Those people are not accountable or responsible for their actions or choices is a common belief. But why is there so much more mental illness today than there was years ago? Well, the main reason is that children in their formative years from birth to middle school age do not learn accountability.

It is fact that the human brain, when it is developing, grows the connections and cell structures, according to its environmental input. If the human is taught accountability, his brain develops accordingly. If the human is in an environment of permissiveness, anything you want to do is OK, no rules or rules don't apply to you, disrespect is acceptable, that brain will develop accordingly.

One of the reasons that rehab is so difficult is that the brain physically develops the cell structure and connections that are necessary for a different lifestyle. Unless the person is very serious about changing their life and doing the hard work and willing to hold themselves accountable, their brain does not make the physical adjustments. This is why any court-ordered rehab attendance fails to help the addict or mentally deficient person. Just attending without a deep desire to change is futile. The common thread throughout society is lack of accountability. Unless that fact is addressed what do you think our future will be?

Arnold Meyermann,