Check out what library has to offer

This is National Library Week. For many, the term “library” brings to mind a picture of walls filled with books. However, I challenge you this week to visit the Clinton Public Library and experience its transformation into a 21st-century learning center.

The Clinton Public Library was one of 20 libraries in the country to receive the Microsoft Limitless Libraries Grant. This grant allows Clinton patrons to experience Virtual Reality using a computer, headset, and sensors, which immerse one into a 3-dimensional computer-generated world. During my visit, about 10 days ago, I experienced a session where I was driving a Rover on Mars. Among other possible experiences are frog dissections, a tour of Rome, and several non-passive games.

Another 21st-century learning area is the Maker space lab. Among the activities there are 3D modeling, coding, programming, introduction to game design, robotics, animation, and more. This is active learning that excites the soul. The Clinton Public Library makes these experiences available to all.

As an educational leader in this community, I recognize that learning does not begin and end at school. The opportunities at the Clinton Public Library extend learning opportunities. I encourage all Clinton residents to stop by this week and experience all that our library has to offer.

Gary DeLacy,

Clinton School District superintendent