Committee: 36th annual Christmas dinner was a huge success

This year something major happened at Fulton' s annual Community Christmas Dinner: The chairwoman, Barb (Janis) Frantz, was a no show.

She was home and green with the flu. We had a record number of volunteers work this year and Barb's daughter, Kathy Suehl, and son, Brent Fisher, took charge of the kitchen and the cooking. Chris Buis, who has worked so many dinners, organized the deliveries and the carry outs, which ended up numbering over 250. We served approximately 275 at the fire station as well.

Mari Sanders managed upfront and the workers all jumped in and did what needed to be done. The clean-up crew and set-up crew were amazing. A very special thank you to the Christmas Eve workers, the Dave Huizenga Family. Rachel Huizenga got busy and organized all the decorating. All the tables and chairs were set up and covered, making the station look festive. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Arlene Considine came and wrapped 300 sets of plasticware and helped where she was asked.

I am not trying to forget anyone, you are all so important. To Barb's family – including granddaughter Helena, daughter-in-law Amanda, son-in-law Tarek – you, too, are awesome. Thank you for your dedication.

Several of the other long-time volunteers also came, and without them it could not have happened, for sure. Every area was taken care of – the drink table, the desserts, the raffle, the floor workers, the food line. Delivery people, you got a workout this year for sure! We are so proud and thankful.

Each and every one of you who baked are also much appreciated. This dinner is truly a community-area event, not just a city event.

A special thank you to the following for donating to us:

- Major sponsor Exelon.

- Eagle River Liquor, which has provided the drinks for 36 years.

- Sweetheart Bakery for providing the rolls.

- Krumpets for all the nice bakery goods.

- Central Bank for providing the cups and napkins for many years.

People who won door prizes included Dennis Boeck, who was the winner of the TV. Other winners are Bobbi Erdmann, Diane Smithburg, Jerome Burken, Betty Pruis, Bradley Butz, Jaxson Bates, Judy Wiersema, Patty Shoemaker and Dustin Ho.

Barb Frantz, Chairwoman

Ed Meurs, Committee member