Cournoyer deserves our support for Iowa Senate

The State of Iowa was recognized by U. S. News and World Report as the No. 1 state in the country for 2018. What an incredible accomplishment for Iowa and all its people.

As you look through the data, you find that Iowa is No. 1 in public high school graduation rates. These results happen because of great local school board leadership across the state.

Let me introduce you to Chris Cournoyer, who is all about supporting education.

Chris currently serves as the president of her local school board, which works to prepare students for post-secondary success. While accomplishing this, Chris is also called to be a fiscal steward of our taxpayer dollars. Her position as a member/leader of a non-partisan school board leads to the consensus-building mentality that Chris has to gets things done for her district.

Chris also serves as a member of the Southeast Iowa Governor’s STEM Council. The goal of this group is to ensure skilled workforce issues are addressed in Iowa through business/education partnerships, career counseling and education that produces a skilled and educated workforce.

Chris believes students that are graduating from high school need to be ready for post-secondary success in their chosen field – whether it’s a two- or four-year college, trade school, apprenticeship, military service, or going directly into the workforce. Chris believes we need to make sure students know you can get a good family-supporting job in Iowa, without a four-year degree.

As a reserve deputy for the county sheriff, Chris is also very aware of the public safety resources needed by our first responders as they work to keep our communities safe. Part of this public safety effort also includes supporting regional mental health initiatives that ensure people will have access to mental health care no matter where they live in the state.

Chris is married to Kurt, the mother of four children, owns and operates her own business, is a member of the North Scott Rotary Club, a community library president, a Chamber of Commerce board member, and the list goes on….

As you can see, Chris Cournoyer is a very accomplished person. She has been gifted with many talents and we in Eastern Iowa are blessed to have someone with Chris’s ability who has chosen to “throw her hat in the ring” to once again serve the area she so proudly calls home!

So, it’s now up to you! On Nov. 6, let’s all vote for Chris Cournoyer and send her to Des Moines, where she can put her passion for education and public safety to work for all of us.

Dee Willoughby,