Discovery Center's Felix Adler Day unveils gem

The Fulton Kiwanis Club provided a food booth during Felix Adler Day, with all the proceeds being donated to the Felix Adler Children's Discovery Center in Clinton. The mission of Kiwanis is "To Serve the Children of the World." Discovery Center Director Sarah Lind, the Board of Directors and the many volunteers who gave so much of their time for Felix Adler Day enabled so many parents, grandparents and children to have a wonderful time despite the rain.

While preparing and serving the food, many of us became more aware of what an integral part of a child's life this fun and educational museum has to offer parents and children of our River City communities.

We are truly blessed to have this museum in our community. There are so many educational and truly fun exhibits within the center for all to enjoy. We encourage grandparents who might just have a babysitting day ahead, or those who want a fun get away right here at home with their children, to go to the Discovery Center located on Eighth Avenue South, just west of the Clinton Public Library. You certainly will leave there with smiling faces. Plan your next birthday party at the museum, or when out-of-town company comes and you can't think of a way to entertain the children. You now have the perfect destination.

A job well done by director Sarah Lind and the Board of Directors as well as over 90 other volunteers. Many thanks to one and all.

Chris Meyers, president of the Fulton, Illinois Kiwanis Club

Kathy Suehl, vice president

Barb Frantz, secretary

Larry Russell, treasurer