Donut Day will thank first responders

Friday, June 7, the first Friday of June, is Salvation Army Donut Day. On June 7, local Salvation Army volunteers will be delivering donuts to our brave first responders throughout the Clinton community. Where did the donuts come from? Why do we do this?

The Salvation Army began giving support to U.S. soldiers fighting in World War I in 1917. Volunteers traveled to battlefields and began to set up small huts near the front lines, where soldiers could receive spiritual and emotional care. Two volunteers, Ensign Margaret Sheldon and Adjutant Helen Purviance, provided fresh baked goods to the soldiers in France and so the idea and famous recipe were born. These sweet treats were a quick favorite amongst the soldiers and soon boosted moral along the front lines. The popularity led to women volunteers being nicknamed “Doughnut Lassies.”

On June 7, the bravery and hard work of the women serving these donuts is celebrated across the country with Salvation Army Donut Day. For The Salvation Army, this day represents a part of our history and a moment to remember what a difference we can create when serving those around us.

Today, in honor of Salvation Army Donut Day, please remember to thank our first responders and those men and women serving on the front lines of war and disasters near and far, to serve others, and to enjoy a tasty donut.

Thank you, first responders!

The Salvation Army Advisory Board,

Mary Seely

Andrew Kida

Gregg Crawford

Angela Drury

Ann Eisenman

Rita Hart

Tom McEleney

Patti Robinson

Chad Seely

Dawn White

Kris Wiersema

Lt. Justin Hartley

Lt. Stephanie Hartley