Facebook needs wait time before posting

I get these drop-down ads on my cell phone a lot that invite me to join Facebook. It says 80 million people use Facebook.

The restriction should be that anyone who posts anything on Facebook there should be a 24-hour delay before it goes out. Here's the problem. Sometime, if it hasn't already happened, somebody is going to be killed in an accident and that person's family is going to see it on Facebook before the proper authorities have a chance to notify them and that's wrong.

A couple of years ago my wife passed away. My son called his daughter, who lives in Colorado, to notify her and she had already seen it on Facebook, and that's wrong.

My stepgranddaughter gave birth to her baby on a Saturday morning around 9:15 a.m. At 10:09 a.m. that day I received a text from my son, who lives in St. Louis, that my stepgranddaughter had a baby girl. I asked him how did he know and why am I the last to find out? He said he had gotten a text with a picture of the baby from his daughter who lives in Nashville, Tennessee who said she had seen it on Facebook and that's wrong.

My stepdaughter called me around noon that day to tell me. Theoretically, there were 80 million people who knew it before I did. I do not believe that I should have been the first to be notified, but it would have been nice if I knew about it before 80 million people did. That's why I believe the restriction should be put on Facebook for a 24-hour period.

Claire Butz,