Feral cat plan needs our support

When I saw the headline in the Clinton Herald "Feral cat plans forwarded," I immediately thought "Oh no! They're going to round them up and kill them!"

I was so happy to learn that the Clinton City Council is moving toward implementing a humane, sensible and less expensive solution to the large numbers of feral cats around town. The Trap-Neuter-Return plan, a nationwide program through the Humane Society of the U.S., will round up the cats, check them for problems, spay and neuter them, insert a microchip and notch their ears so that everyone will know they have been treated.

Then they will return to their kitty groups, and eventually the population will be under control. The cost to take care of one cat this way is half the cost of just capture and kill, and everyone will be so much happier that we are protecting public health and wildlife both. Your article points out that the cost of the program will be paid from grants and community donations.

We need the City Council to proceed quickly and advance this ordinance so that the people in charge can begin to apply for federal and state grants. And all friends of the animals need to chip in to help provide community funds.

The City Council will vote to approve the ordinance at their April 23 meeting. I'm going to attend the meeting to encourage our City Council members to vote yes.

Hope to see other kitty fans there!

Pierrette Wolfe,