Fireworks: City Council, fire chief and police chief get failing grade

It is unfortunate that our State Legislature didn't have the foresight to see the tangled mess they would create by leaving the door open for Iowa cities to make the determination of allowing fireworks to be sold.

Or did they?

Now that the deed is done, it is more disappointing to see that we do not have leaders within our community who do not have the common sense to come forward and request councilmen/women to make it illegal to sell fireworks in our city. To remind the city that it is illegal to discharge yet encourage them to purchase is like giving a child an ice cream cone and telling him not to eat it!

I for one do not care how much tax revenue is generated. It is not worth the frustration a person has to live with when neighbors have to put up with those who disregard the law. Not to mention the hard feelings created when the police are called for the disturbance, pitting neighbors against neighbors.

Doesn't do much good to call the police anyway. If they are lucky enough to locate the violators, a slap on the hand is not much good. When I called them last year they could not respond quickly enough due to so many violators. I am sure they spent a lot of our tax dollars driving from one end of town to the other.

Time to put this issue to bed. Make it illegal to sell and discharge fireworks except for the local organizations that make them available to the community at an acceptable venue. Enforce a steep fine for violators so that if they want to risk taking a chance they will feel the loss in their pocketbook. Violating the fireworks law is becoming a big joke.

Larry Villa,