Frustration led to wrongful accusations

Apology Required: (Fireworks: Fire Chief, Police Chief and City Council Failing Grade)

A few weeks ago I expressed my frustration and anger given the use of fireworks in our community. Without doing my homework I faulted the three entities mentioned above. Although my sentiment on the use of fireworks has not changed, the blame I directed is entirely wrong!

There was a time I would be careful to express myself, but I let my frustration get the better of me in this case.

I must compliment Fire Chief, Mike Brown, who contacted me and very respectfully pointed out my error, which is more than what I had done for him. I plan to stop into his office to review all the letters he has written trying to thwart legislation against fireworks.

As for changes in fireworks, I, for one, will do my best to sway our State leaders, including our Governor, to rethink the path they have taken and the path they are pursuing for future legislation. We have to deter them from making uniform law for the entire state and taking local control out of our hands.

Larry Villa

Clinton, Iowa