GOP member questions Dem support

A letter to the Clinton Herald on May 24 by Carol Machael sparks curiosity.

Why would active lifelong Democrats, like Carol Machael, be showing support for Republican Rhonda McIntyre?

Why are Democrats attempting to influence a Republican Party primary for county treasurer?

The Democrats weren’t at the Republican summer hog roasts where Shawn Hamerlinck announced he will always support term limits and he will never run for any seat more than twice.

The Democrats weren’t at the Republican spring and fall events where Hamerlinck cautioned all elected officials about a growing epidemic in the city and county of frivolous lawsuits and those who think it is a quick way to get cash.

The Democrats did not attend the Republican women’s luncheon or the central committee meetings when discussion centered on dirty tricks and attempts at covering-up real salacious issues in Des Moines.

No, the Democrats were no where to be found and neither was Rhonda McIntyre. Why are Democrats defending Rhonda McIntyre — is it because she is a Democrat?

Bruce Floyd,