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I need to state I'm not a columnist but would like to offer my opinion.

I read the article in the Clinton Herald from Leonard Pitts Tuesday, July 7 with curiosity. No one ever mentions our booming economy, record employment, border security, fair trade and support for our police and military by our President.

Yes, he should stay off Twitter and [he] pats himself on the back a lot. Comparing the good he has done to his faults is an oxymoron.

Do you really want a President who has diminished mental capacity and been in office for 50 years having accomplished nothing? Do you really approve of rioting, destroying our heritage/history, de-funding our military and police, or paying billions for illegal immigrants? Nothing is free. Someone has to work for it.

Politicians have been in Washington for years and haven't done what they said they would when running for office. Our President has done everything he said he would in his time in office. He has been villainized the whole time. If he said the sky was blue, they would say it was something else.

Every time he has been accused of something, he has been proven innocent. Imagine the great things this country could achieve if these people we elected worked together on issues instead of trying to remove our President. This is the greatest country on Earth, let's keep it that way.

By the way, I'm not Republican or Democrat but vote for the person.

Patricia Kasterke,

Patricia Kasterke, Clinton