Clinton Herald Letter to the Editor-01

I was dismayed to read in your Aug. 7 edition of a protest against MercyOne Clinton’s COVID vaccine mandate for all employees.

I retired almost three years ago after practicing family medicine in Iowa for 45 years. A primary motive for most of us entering the medical field—including doctors, nurses, technicians and other personnel—was a desire to help others. Allowing ourselves to catch serious but preventable contagious diseases that can be passed onto our patients seems to be quite contradictory to a concern for the welfare of the patient.

A hospital should not be a place where a patient can become infected with a preventable contagious disease. This risk is especially a threat for those who have been fully vaccinated but are immunocompromised as well as for children who need to be hospitalized but are not eligible for a vaccination.

The new COVID Delta variant adds an additional risk to all.

A commonly stated priority throughout the medical profession is to “put the patient first.” Getting properly vaccinated and keeping up to date on all vaccinations is an essential step in achieving that goal. I applaud MercyOne for being a leader in this endeavor.

Donald G. Flory, M.D.

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Senior Staff Writer

A native of Centerville, Winona joined the Clinton Herald in November 2018 after writing for the Ottumwa Courier for two years.