Republicans and Democrats to blame for COVID relief bill

Here is the $600 billion COVID relief package, as I understand it. I have many issues with it. I blame the Republicans and Democrats for this.

Here are a few of the ways the money is being allocated: Ukraine, $453 million; Venezuela, $33 million; Nepal, $135 million; Cambodia, $85.5 million; Burma, $135 million; Asia Reassurance Initiative Act, $1.4 billion; Egypt, $1.3 billion; Sudan, $700 million; Nat’l Foundation on Arts/Humanities, $167 million; Woodrow Wilson Center, $14 million; Smithsonian Institute, $1 billion; National Gallery of Art, $154 million; Kennedy Center, $40 million.

Lastly, the amount to the USA tax-paying Americans, $600.00 Dollars. It is our American tax dollars they are spending. Congress works for us, not the special interest groups. There are 5,000++ pages to this. Could be more spending. All I have is, WOW.

Terry Hill, Clinton, Iowa

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