Clinton Herald Letter to the Editor-01

Retired police officers understand community safety

I am supporting Bill Schemers and Les Shields for city council and will be supporting them on voting day Nov. 2.

As retired police officers, both Bill and Les understand community safety. Bill was a police officer in a large city and decided to move to Clinton to raise a family. His perspective will be a great help to our police department. He certainly knows and understands the needs of our city.

Bill is very unique. A couple of years before he became a city council person he went to many council meetings just to educate himself and understand how the council works. Additionally he went on our state trip to Des Moines to understand how the city works with our legislators.

Most importantly, as an incumbent, Bill is now our longest serving council person with four years of experience. City staff and other council members need his perspective.

Les decided to run as a write-in candidate after the deadline to file had passed; this was because of a very personal family matter. Other than his career as a police office, Les found the time to become a school board member for a number of years.

Les also is president of Clinton County Development Association (Distribution of Gaming Funds) so he is used to overseeing large amounts of money. Our schools, city and county all need to work together to advancement of our community, and Les has experience in each of these areas.

In order to vote for Les, simply mark the oval and write in Les, or Shields, or Les Shields.

In closing, Bill and Les are both well qualified to become city council members. They both have the passion and commitment and will work hard to advance Clinton. Vote for both on Nov. 2.


Dave Rose, Clinton

Stand for the truth

I can’t believe that I stood beside Trump, a liar about the election. If you don’t stand up for the truth, then you stand for nothing. Would you vote for someone who stands for the big lie?

Tomi Nielsen, Clinton

Shields has qualities for council position

This is to support Les Shields as a write-in candidate for At-Large Council member.

Three of the most important qualities for a council position are knowledge of the community, experience in the service to the community and a deep commitment to that community. With 32 1/2 years as a Clinton Police officer, volunteer work with boards, commissions and other service organizations, Les fulfills all these qualities.

Les has been a board member and is now president of the Clinton County Development Association (2013 to present). He was appointed to the Clinton Zoning Board of Adjustment (2007 to 2013) and served four years as board president. He served on the Clinton Airport Commission (2007 to 2009) including two years as Commission Chairman.

Les served as an elected Clinton School board member, one year as Board president (1987 to 1990 and 1999 to 2005). He also was on the 1st Gateway Credit Union board, at least three years as Chairman (1991 to 1997).

In community service groups, Les served on the Board of Riverboat Days (1981 to 1988), was one of the first men invited to serve on the Advisory Board of the YWCA Women’s Shelter (1987 to 1990) and in the mid 1980’s was a co-founder of Gateway League Against Alcohol and Drugs (GLAAD), the group that started the Gateway After Prom that is enjoyed by our prom-goers to this day.

More recently, Les was active in Vision 8, including its project to rehabilitate the Riverfront Bandshell (2012 to 2014). Les is committed to the community and well informed on our need for economic development, excited about upcoming opportunities for new commercial and industrial investment as well as the new housing developments recently completed and more in progress or planned.

He also has not forgotten those days in the ‘80s when we had serious alcohol, drug and crime problems, and he helped to organize the GLAAD programs for teenagers. He is just as aware of the opioid and crime issues all communities, including Clinton, are facing today.

Through his many years on the streets as a police officer, Les is well aware of our community in particular, the need for better paying jobs and education and training for those jobs, services and counseling, for mental health as well as addictions, and neighborhood improvements in some locations.

I worked with Les in GLAAD, and also Vision 8, and have known him for years. For a dedicated, hard-working and well-informed councilman, write in “Les Shields” for At-Large and be sure to also completely fill in the oval shapes beside his name.


Beverly A. Hermann, Clinton

Candidate’s history shows him responsible

I have lived away from Clinton for a number of years, but I’m so happy to be back home.

There have been quite a few individuals who I’ve tried to follow up with. One, namely, is Bev Hermann, always such a fine, family-oriented, friendly and civic-minded person. I’ve worked closely with her.

She wrote a letter to the Clinton Herald, Oct. 26 edition on the Editorial Page, on Bill Schemers’ exploits of local leadership experiences. As he is married to a local woman and 10-year next-door neighbor on Oakhurst to me, I am very interested.

The City of Clinton webpage shows the following boards and commissions that Bill currently serves on: City of Clinton Highway 30 Coalition of Eastern Iowa; Member of Coalition for Clinton Progress; City of Clinton Capital Improvements Committee; City of Clinton Government Affairs Committee Liaison; Clinton Convention and Visitors Bureau, City Liaison; City of Clinton Area Solid Waste Agency City Representative; Member of the Clinton Progress Coalition and Progress Coalition; a radio host, voluntarily, for “City Watch” program on KROS FM105.9.; on Franciscan Peace Center and Educational Committee on Human Trafficking; and I’m sure on many committees and sub-committees familiarizing members and topics related to these important projects.

His experienced history shows him to be very responsible, dependable, trustworthy, progressive and professional in his manner. I think he would be a very insightful and needed strengthening leadership qualities to Ward I council members, and I wish him well.

Sharon Hackney Martensen, Camanche

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