Loebsack is same old, same old

Those voters who were able to watch the recent debate between the candidates for Iowa’s House seat in the 2nd Congressional District saw what TV, radio and print ads do not reveal — Dave Loebsack has nothing to offer the voters of eastern Iowa.

Loebsack is playing the same old lines. The same tax-and-spend-to-buy-your-vote policies. Policies that history has proven do not work and has not helped folks move forward to a better life. Why does Loebsack not share what he has done while representing us in Washington; because he has done nothing. He is a warm body occupying a seat that is a puppet for Nancy Pelosi and the corrupt Democratic Party.

Dave Loebsack would support a return to taking your money to give to others. He would support returning to apologizing for our greatness as a country and society. Dave Loebsack does not represent the moral and ethical nature of Iowans, but those of the far left anti-constitution radical Democratic party. Recent news report share that the Chinese government is covertly supporting Democratic candidates to hurt Trump because of his trade policies putting America first. Dave Loebsack may not know of this support but he would benefit from it.

Eastern Iowa needs a clear-thinking, focused, problem-solving, forward-looking representative who puts Iowans first above national party radicalism. Dr. Chris Peters is the person we need to send to Washington.

Dr. Peters is aligned with Iowa values and ethical practices. He wants to stop skyrocketing healthcare costs, to balance the federal budget, and free up the economy by reducing taxes and regulations. Dr. Peters supports reforms to the health care system that will restore decision-making power to the patients and reduce costs. He also supports a Constitutional amendment to require a balanced budget. And very important to many of us, Dr. Peters’ commitment to protecting benefits for Iowa’s seniors. He blames a dysfunctional Congress for kicking the can down the road and failing to address Social Security’s insolvency.

The choice is very clear, the modern, clear-thinking, Iowa-centered voice of Dr. Peters or an out-of-date, dysfunctional, radical Democrat, Dave Loebsack, who has done nothing for you and me.

Bruce Floyd,