McClimon will look out for all of us

I am pleased to know that Tim McClimon is running for the Iowa House Seat in District 97.

Having known Tim for over 40 years, I have always admired his strong work ethic. His commitment to such started while he worked on his parents' family farm and has since served Tim well. When he went to college he sometimes would work two jobs in order to cover both college tuition and living expenses.

Tim has always been a leader, whether it was in sports, college or later in his career as a parole officer. He will bring these strengths of leadership and work ethic to those who want to better themselves. If elected, Tim McClimon will fight to protect unions, continue to support school funding, protect our pensions and help create jobs that pay a livable wage.

When speaking with Tim personally, he told me that a high priority on his agenda would be finding ways to make health care more affordable for everyone. With most farmers having to personally pay for their own health insurance, all strong Iowa farmers need affordable healthcare right now. Tim McClimon will be a strong and committed voice for achieving the needs and the concerns of all Iowa citizens.

Rick Mangan,