McIntyre has experience, knowledge

Our Clinton County Treasurer, Rhonda McIntyre, has always competently fulfilled her office’s duties to properly bill and collect property taxes and special assessments; to make sure those collected taxes go to our schools, towns and cities, county and other tax-dependent entities; to run the annual tax sale; and to process our vehicle titles and registrations. She manages complicated operating systems such as the online and credit card payments to her office, the Iowa Department of Transportation licensing and registration systems (known as “ARTS”), and the county tax system (Tyler Technologies – INCODE).

She is single-minded in making sure each of us gets served professionally and fairly. I witness firsthand how she works daily to be sure folks get the help they need (and won’t stop until they do); and as quickly as possible, too. For instance, she finds legal alternatives to tax sale which allow owners to stay in their home.

She possesses the knowledge and experience to properly safeguard our tax payments, our titles and registrations and our protected information. She knows who to contact in her field and has developed networks to get the answers for us or direct us to the right answers in special taxation or licensing matters. No one can criticize her work ethic, her intelligence to do the job right, and her hard-earned experience.

I personally see this every day and am thankful she is offering to continue to serve as Clinton County Treasurer.

Mike Wolf,


Mike Wolf is the county attorney of Clinton County.