Mommsen works for good of the state

Several months ago I ran into State Representative Norlin Mommsen at a function we were both attending.

Rep. Mommsen was there researching state funding that he was involved with. He wanted to see firsthand how important the project was and how it benefitted the community. When he learned that I lived in the area he asked my opinion about the necessity of the project, the long-term benefits to the community and if the project was meeting the needs of the community.

We live in a time where politicians seem to jump on votes rather than logical solutions to problems and the long- and short-term needs of those that vote them into office. Rep. Mommsen struck me as a man concerned about spending our tax dollars on things that we need rather than things that we may want at the time.

I have run into Rep. Mommsen several times since then and he is always concerned about issues that affect Iowans, even if they are like me and don't live in his district.

I believe he helps strengthen our state as a person, as a State Representative and a Representative of the People of Iowa. We need more concerned political leaders like Rep. Mommsen rather than professional politicians and handshakers that only have their personal agendas in mind.

If you want someone who will do a good job of representing Iowa in Des Moines, please take a closer look at Norlin Mommsen.

David Stevens,