Some things in life are just not right. Our daughter was attacked behind their house in the month of July. I received a call from the E.R. that I needed to come to the hospital. Even though she laid on a table covered with a lot of blood from a head wound and some obvious other wounds, I made myself remain calm as to not upset her anymore than she already was.

If I had known then what I know now I should have screamed and hollered. I should have taken a tape recorder with me to tape the entire time our daughter answered questions even though she was shivering from the shock of all of it. I should have demanded her mouth be swabbed since she said she bit on the attacker’s hand and it felt like the person had something metal in the hand.

I should have demanded they take samples from under her nails since she said she fought her attacker off.

If I had known that then maybe our daughter and her family would not be going through what she is now. An assault isn’t forgotten and it sure doesn’t go away then add more stress on a person that was victimized along with the additional financial cost of proving your innocence.

It is a shame when it is quicker and easier to accuse the victim than for someone to do the job that person was hired for and find the attacker.

It is too late for the things that I should have thought of to do and I hope and pray that no one else should have to go through the same thing our daughter’s family is going through.

No, I do not watch many cop shows to think of all that I should have done as a parent. I just feel that if all the things that I should have done would have been done by the people that do that type of job for a living then maybe the right person would have been caught instead of our daughter being put through all that she is being put through.

Use our tax dollars to find the attacker instead of making the victim into the criminal.

Valerie Drury,