National emergency declaration is a smokescreen

I would like to make several points about the national emergency declaration.

The first is the claim that if you don’t have a border you don’t have a country. What really makes America is not that we have a border but that we have a Constitution that is unique in human history.

Power is shared by three branches of government which are to serve as a check and balance on each other. The primary fear was that the executive power would become tyrannical, therefore the power of initiating spending was vested in the legislative branch. We should have learned from the Iran-Contra Affair that the executive cannot ignore the law and spend money wherever they wish. In today’s case it is especially true that when billions of dollars are already authorized for border security the executive cannot spend more on their vanity project than has been authorized and signed into law.

The second claim was that only real Americans support the wall, thus implying that if you don’t support the wall that you are then not a real American. Again if we turn to the Constitution the only requirement is that a person needs to be born inside of the United States or their parents were Americans to be a real American.

It is beyond ironic that the persons who spent years attacking President Obama claiming that he was not born in the United States and therefore not a real American are now trying to tell us who are real Americans. To me real Americans stand up for the oppressed and against tyrannical bullies. Real Americans fought against fascists in World War II with the goal of making the whole world safe for democracy and defending the Constitution. Real Americans don’t take assistance from foreign governments and oligarchs to enrich themselves but rather make sacrifices when they become public servants and choose to serve in elected office.

The biggest problem that I have with last Friday’s events is that it is a giant smokescreen to distract and divide the American public. Please don’t ignore the fact that Paul Manafort was not only previously found guilty but was found to have continued to lie about his dealings with Russians. Also, that evidence was found and will be presented of Roger Stone’s direct contact with Russians and WikiLeaks. Putin and the Russian oligarchs could not be happier with the strain being put on the American Constitution and are hoping to see the American experiment fail.

I had never thought that I would agree with Anne Coulter but I think we have to agree with her assessment of what the national emergency is. Border crossings are at a 40-year low. The largest amounts of illegal drugs are coming through the ports of entry. The duct-taped mouths of women don’t exist. The rate of Americans murdering is higher than immigrants as unfortunately proven in Aurora. At the end of the day if you miss your tee time at Mar-a-Lago that’s an emergency.

Bill Jacobs,