Peters is best choice for House of Representatives

As a former resident of DeWitt, I would like to reach out to all my Clinton County friends:

I am writing to show my support for Dr. Christopher Peters, and to raise concern regarding the complete lack of action on the part of his opponent.

First, why I am concerned about Dave Loebsack. Rep. Loebsack has a record of not really having a record. He seemingly has not spearheaded anything of note, and has voted party line on virtually everything. He voted for Obamacare (to find out what was in it), he supports sanctuary cities over the safety of our citizens and law enforcement officers, he doesn’t support term limits, and voted against the tax cuts that are benefiting Iowans. He simply is a guaranteed vote for Nancy Pelosi. That’s not nearly good enough!

We can’t afford to spend our political capital on someone who goes to Washington and doesn’t get anything done, while voting for the ideologies of the east and west coast Democratic bosses.

In contrast, Dr. Peters is against the Affordable Care Act, and as a physician will bring a significant amount of insight to the issue. Dr. Peters certainly supports law enforcement and the legitimacy of our nation to control our borders and finally get comprehensive immigration passed. Recently Dr. Peters signed a pledge to support term limits, and he supports all Iowans by being fiscally responsible and supporting tax cuts and reducing spending. He is also a small business owner of a medical practice, so he understands the needs of small business.

Dr. Peters served in the military as a physician in the Army Medical Department. As such, he understands not only the medical issues facing all of us, but those facing our veterans specifically. He is a strong supporter of our veterans and will work to increase and simplify support on their behalf.

It is time that we send someone to Washington from Iowa District 2 who will actually support the Iowans living in Iowa District 2.

Colonel Dan Darland, U.S. Army (Ret),