Re-elect Anderson and McCombie

Illinois State Sen. Neil Anderson and State Rep. Tony McCombie have been excellent voices for the 36th Senate District and the 71st Representative District since 2014 and 2016, respectively.

Neil Anderson and Tony McCombie have represented us well through the past years during our lean budget years. They both have been sponsors on common sense legislation essential to our everyday lives. They also have voted with and against their party lines on various pieces of legislation – they vote the way they feel is best in representing their districts.

Neil and Tony are also very approachable individuals. They are not only my Senator and Representative – they are my friends, and they are two of the most caring people that I have had the pleasure knowing while serving the residents of Illinois. I urge you to vote for both of these fine people on November 6th and re-elect them as voices in Springfield for another term.

Kurt Glazier,

Sterling, Ill.