Re-elect Mommsen to House seat

I am writing this letter supporting Representative Norlin Mommsen. I had the opportunity to meet Norlin several years ago at a conservative function. I am a city girl and was not familiar with agricultural issues. Norlin took the time to explain and educate me on agricultural procedures and economics and how strongly they affected our area, the state of Iowa and our nation.

As the multiple sclerosis regional coordinator, I have traveled to our state capitol the last four years to attend the Multiple Sclerosis Action Day and have been honored that each time Representative Mommsen has taken the time to meet with our group. He allows us the chance to voice our needs, to discuss pending legislation and how it affects those living with multiple sclerosis and what legislation we feel will help to improve our quality of life and accessibility to services and opportunities in the state of Iowa.

There was one trip to the state capitol that was especially significant. One member of our party is paralyzed and confined to a wheelchair. He was unable to enter the legislative chamber due to steps. Norlin had not realized prior to this incident the inaccessibility of the chamber and was deeply upset. He immediately began brainstorming for a temporary solution and seeking out others that had been representatives longer than he and asking if they were aware of a solution. He was going to get everyone from our party into the chambers!

Representative Mommsen asked enough people and found there was a portable ramp. I was so impressed by his determination and his compassion for others.

Norlin is educated on the issues that are important to Iowans, he is determined to find solutions to problems and he cares about the people in and outside of his district. This is the kind of person we need to represent us in Des Moines.

Tami Leavens,