Re-elect Mommsen to Iowa House

It is my great pleasure to support Rep. Norlin Mommsen's re-election to the Iowa House of Representatives. As many of you know, our company, Clinton Catalyst, acquired the former Ashford campus in late 2015 and immediately got to work with the community to find a beneficial re-use of the campus.

Senator Rita Hart, Representative Mary Wolfe and Representative Norlin Mommsen became our bipartisan dream team. Today, I want to talk specifically about Norlin and my partners will be sending in letters about those two wonderful ladies.

I can't count how many times we asked Norlin for help. He truly became our man for all seasons – whether it was coming out from his duties in the Iowa House in a nice suit and tie to make a formal greeting to guests from overseas or driving to Clinton on almost no notice to be at an important meeting – he was there. He'd sometimes say "It may be a couple minutes – I've just got a cow back in the fence but I'll get in the truck and be right there – and sure enough he was – muddy boots and all!

Norlin repeatedly intervened on our behalf with state and federal leadership. He camped out in the offices of his own party's leadership demanding that we get a critical meeting slot on the Governor's schedule, He made calls to his colleagues late into the night and weekend to make sure a last-minute piece of legislation got through that seemed do or die for our project. He helped with agencies – making sure that their regulations and rulings ensured we can move ahead with our dream for the campus and Clinton High.

He did all this with common sense, without a thought about politics or geographic boundaries and he did it with a drive to make the part of Iowa he grew up in and still calls home thrive.

Time and time again Norlin has been there for us and he's been there for you.

Please send him back to Des Moines!

David Glass,

Clinton Catalyst