Reader: Fulton needs a change of leadership

I am new to the Fulton area and, already, I can see how Fulton seems to be moving in a backwards direction! It seems relevant to me that after attending a City Council meeting, the mayor and several members of the City Council have such negative attitudes toward growth and development.

In my opinion, it is time for the citizens of Fulton to wake up, take notice and become involved. From what I understand, there used to be a very active Chamber of Commerce in the community, but it no longer exists because the city who partnered with them for years refused to allocate any funding assistance to keep a director. That in itself, again, in my opinion, would have been a good investment. All cities who flourish have active Chambers and they partner with the city, making it a win-win for both.

I think this area of Illinois needs to be explored. I truly enjoy fishing and belong to a bass club that does hold one or two of their annual tournaments in this part of the Mississippi River. To grow, strong emphasis on tourism is necessary, and from what I understand, that does not seem important to some of the current leadership.

I sat, listened to speakers and watched the vote whether to accept a $10,500 bid from the Fulton Historical Society to purchase the Drives Building property, and another bid from an excavator, in the amount of $5,000 or $5,500, opened. A motion was made to accept the bid from the Historical Society and voted on. The vote was five yes, three no. Then the mayor said they need seven yes votes to pass it and another motion to tear down the building was introduced and voted on. This time that vote was a tie 4-4. The mayor then cast the yes vote to break the tie.

I do not understand why the vote had to be seven in favor, but only five to tear down? My next amazement was the bid to tear it down is approximately $143,000. What will be gained after spending all this money? Green space. Now, it is clear $10,500 coming in or $143,000 going out to achieve relatively nothing makes absolutely no sense whatsoever to me. Am I missing something?

Fulton residents, you need to take action and stop this kind of governing. It is your city. Are you going to continue to allow this path to be followed? If so, then I guess the old cliché “stick your head in the sand and go on” is appropriate. If you care, then vote out the negative members of the council and the mayor and become active citizens. I have met so many good people over the past six to seven months, I cannot believe you want this type of behavior to continue.

David Frantz,

Albany, Ill.