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Clinton lost 6 percent people and jobs in 2018 and that is not good.

Overall, the economy is good. I'm still for Trump because he is tough on crime. I have a friend that says vote all the liberal judges out of office, I agree. Liberal does not work. Good tough laws do work.

Walter Williams is by far the best columnist.

We have high crime rates because the liberals condone it. Drugs, I don't care, but they steal to support their habit. That is very bad and leads to other crimes.

Russia pays women to have children. I don't agree with Trump on his immigration policy. We need more immigrants. The wall won't work but he is not at fault on the long term. We have had low legal immigration numbers from Mexico and Central America for years. The quota should have been raised 100 times. I talked to an executive and he said the U.S. easily can stand 600 million people.

Of course, immigrants coming in should be vetted very carefully.

All crime should be eliminated, especially murder and stealing.

We have a good law in Iowa on voting rights. Felons can't vote but if they serve their time and pay restitution they can appeal to the Governor. Why does Reynolds want to change it? It's right the way it is.

Maybe people shouldn't murder and steal to begin with.

Stand your ground is a good law.

Ed Jepsen,