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From military cemeteries in France, the Pacific and United States, our freedoms have a cost of young lives. When you see a veteran, being from the “greatest generation” to veterans from the new generation, say thank you to them for what they have done for our freedom and lives. Even the present days, the world is a dangerous place, and veterans and soldiers and military are needed to defend our county.

This is especially true of World War II and Korean veterans, the forgotten war, are slowly passing away, aging. Even the Vietnam veterans are passing away [in] large numbers from cancers, from exposure to Agent Orange and diseases from chemicals, as this present generation is experimenting.

What should you do with your old, worn out flags? Drop them off, which are unserviceable flags, at Amvets Post 28, 1317 S. 17th St., Clinton, where flags can be deposited outside the Post. A used mailbox, repainted, is located in front of Post 28. Flags can also be dropped at my office, Clinton County Veterans Affairs, 1900 N. Third St., Clinton, Iowa.

On Veterans Day, November 11, Monday, Members of Amvets Honor Guards will conduct a ceremony to have a dignified disposal of unserviceable American flags. To veterans throughout American history, the Stars and Stripes has served as a symbol of their service and as a continuing testimony that their service was worthwhile for more than 200 years.

Old Glory has flown over our county through strife and peace, in tragedy and triumph. Our flag is the symbol of a nation comprised of people dedicated to freedom and independence.

All Post members, veterans, families and friends, especially Boy and Girl Scouts, are invited. The Post will have a donation lunch after the ceremony. Ceremony will be at dust on Monday, Nov. 11, 2019.

We are again asking for volunteer van drivers to drive to Iowa City VA and Davenport clinic. Any questions, contact me at my office at 563-242-1151.

To all veterans, please join and support our veterans post in your area. Veterans Post and organizations are the only ones who support and defend our rights and benefits.

God bless America, our flag, all veterans past, present and future and our MIA/POWs of our beloved America.

Thank you.

Edward Staszewski, Director, Clinton County Veterans Affairs