Russia! Russia! Russia!

Russian collusion. Russian interference. Russian meddling. Russian hacking. For too long now that is pretty much all we have heard from the political left and their main stream media support systems. After the recent Helsinki Summit, the roar from the left was deafening. Liberal spokespersons could not wait to get in front of a camera to badger the President for everything from even agreeing to meet, to not taking a stronger stand against a country that is not our friend, but rather is obviously our No. 1 enemy in the world.

Oh really? Let’s take a short trip back in history to find out when Russia became our No. 1 enemy.

- March 2009 – Then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, a Democrat, presented the Russian foreign minister with a red reset button, signaling a desire to thaw previous chilled relations with Russia. Of note is that the word reset was incorrectly translated, thus the word on the button in Russian was “overload.”

- September 2009 – President Obama, a Democrat, announced the U.S. would drop plans for a missile defense system in eastern Europe, originally proposed by President George W. Bush, a Republican, and that Russia had strongly opposed.

- October 2010 – The Obama administration, including cabinet Secretaries that make up the Committee on Foreign Investments in the U.S., approved the sale of 20 percent of American uranium to Russia. The FBI probe into this sale was led by U.S. Attorney Rod Rosenstein and FBI Assistant Director Andrew McCabe. Are those names familiar?

- March 2012 – President Obama was recorded on an open microphone whispering to then-Russian President Medvedev to relay to incoming President Putin that he would “have more flexibility” after his re-election.

- October 2012 – In a presidential debate between Republican candidate Mitt Romney and President Obama, Romney stated that Russia is “without question our No. 1 geopolitical foe.” To the glee of liberals all across the country, like a bunch of trained seals, they clapped when Obama replied: “The 1980s called, they want their foreign policy back.”

Like all of you, I am having a hard time believing that simply changing political parties of the President is the sole factor necessary to change liberal thinking on who is the No. 1 geopolitical foe. Did Russia become this No. 1 enemy during the fall 2016 election season, when President Obama and his Cabinet officials knew Russia was trying to infiltrate U.S. election systems? Why didn’t they tell the world about it then, and stand up to tell Russia in no uncertain terms to stop it, right now? Was it because they had a friendly working relationship (maybe a collusion) with the Russians that they didn’t want to damage?

So when did liberals firmly stand up and state that Russia was our No. 1 enemy, contrary to what their President had said and done for years? Oh, how could I forget? It was after their candidate lost the election in November 2016.

A recent letter author to another newspaper lamented fake news. That solution is simple. Change the channel.

Lester Shields,