Say a prayer for injured firefighter

Gracious God, help our Firefighter Adam Cain

Who is struggling with such unimaginable pain;

Hear our prayers, O Lord, and with Adam remain.

Please heal his wounds in every cell and membrane;

Help him breathe on his own, so vital organs regain

Their strength with upward goals to ever attain.

Bless fellow firefighters mourning the loss not in vain

Of Lieutenant Eric Hosette in the bin storing grain.

Guide them each day as they rescue, protect and train

And fulfill their duties both dangerous and humane.

Know our Clinton area is filled with red lights on each lane

To support them all through this heartfelt campaign.

Surround Adam's family with gentle love to sustain

So their energy and hope will neither diminish nor drain,

Lay your hands on them with peace only you may ordain.

We believe in your healing power, God, ever you reign

Creator of mountains and rivers and drops of rain,

We lift up our hearts to you in a humble prayer chain.


Lanie Lass,