Shields: No apology could forgive my moral failure

It is with a heavy heart that I must announce I will never again be able to serve in any publicly elected capacity. I do so by making a full confession of my past behavior that could come back to haunt me, and for which is now recognized as culturally and/or racially insensitive.

In sixth grade at Northeast Community Schools in Charlotte, I was cast in the school’s Christmas play. (For those unfamiliar with the concept, they are now referred to as Holiday Plays, thus the students no longer have Christmas breaks in their school year). My role in this play was as an alien who was kidnapping Santa Claus right before Christmas. Since my character was a Martian (as in “alien” from Mars), I was costumed in red tights, a red sweater, red tutu, and my face and hands were covered in bright red cold cream. I also wore a white football helmet, for which the chin strap was my communications translator.

I regret this insensitive portrayal in red face on my part, and pledge to never let such ever happen again. However, what is done, is done, and there can be no measure of apology that will ever forgive this moral failure.

In addition, I have recently submitted to an AncestryDNA test, for which the results show I have no Native American blood in my lineage. That has not really been a factor in the past, as I have never claimed such heritage for personal gain or favor, and have no recollection of ever being on other than the Cowboy side. I did occasionally portray the Sheriff. (Somewhat prophetic, huh?) I just want to lay it out there in case of future question.

In closing, I will never again campaign for elected office in this lifetime. Not to be discouraged, I do believe in the Afterlife, and you can check with me then. It depends which way we both end up.

Les Shields,