Take time to vote

There is still time to vote early! You can vote at the County Auditor’s office in the Administration Building, 1900 N. Third St., today and Monday. Yes, for your convenience the Auditor’s office will be open today, Nov. 3!

This may be the most important mid-term election this country has ever seen. We cannot allow our democracy to be made a mockery and our country’s reputation in the world to continue to decline at the hands of the current administration. Our Senate and House of Representatives were meant to provide checks and balances on the executive branch, not “go along to get along” and serve special interest groups and themselves.

Our state needs a governor and legislators who will care about people and their needs – adequate education funding, adequate and accessible health care, including mental health and the needs of women and children, common-sense gun laws, fair and compassionate immigration policies. DHS is underfunded and understaffed. Schools, including community colleges and universities, struggle to meet the many needs of students. Locally, Thursday's Clinton Herald cited the lack of and need for affordable and adequate child care for working families right here in our county.

Please consider carefully your needs and those of your family, friends, and neighbors. Then take a hard look at the candidates on the ballot. Are they interested in human needs and rights, or is their primary issue “tax cuts,” which end up usually benefiting most the wealthiest and taking away the most from those less fortunate? Think about where your priorities lie, then vote for the candidates you believe will be fair and unprejudiced and work for the good of all.

And remember if you will be at work, or for some other reason you might not be able to get to the polls next Tuesday, the Auditor’s Office will be open, even on this Saturday, Nov. 3. for you!

Thank you for caring enough about your community, state, and country to take time to vote.

Bev Hermann,