Thank you for supporting Finch Fund

Thank you for a great article on Wild Bob’s Big Show on April 29. It captures the Finch Fund’s purpose and mission very well. Thanks also to all Herald staff for the fantastic support that you’ve shown us, starting with a great article on our president, Greg Fier, by Winona Whitaker a few weeks ago and culminating with this one.

Despite weather severely impacting the turnout, those who were able to come, came with generous hearts and happy ears. They ensured our successful fundraising. Now we can accept more partners in this area with multiple sclerosis to assist.

The outpouring of community support – both volunteers and donations has been outstanding! Now we ask the community to help us channel our resources (including information and peer support) toward people with MS who can really benefit from those resources. I ask your readers to let us know if you or someone close to you has MS and may want Finch Fund assistance. Please contact us by email at

Thanks again, friends and community for what you’ve done to ensure the Finch Fund’s success! I’d love to name every person and business behind this success, but I imagine the Herald staff would like to print more than just my letter on this page.

Dave Layton, Clinton,

Finch Fund vice president