In response to Taylor Armerding's editorial in the Clinton Herald's Nov. 5 edition about Trump catching more blame for others violence, I have this to offer.

You're right. Why should President Trump be blamed for any acts of violence committed toward a certain religion, race, political opponent, or the nation's media? It's not like he told those who committed those crimes to go do it outright. It's not like he helped purchase the weapons to carry out their hateful actions. It's not like he sat with them planning out their plans of destruction.

All he did was make speeches to his supporters. You know the ones. How about his speeches at his rallies when he first ran for President? Don't you recall the one where he said that he could shoot somebody on Fifth Avenue and there would still be people who would vote for him?

Or how about the times that the Mexicans entering our country illegally were all murderers and rapists? How about the rallies that were interrupted by protesters and he applauded when they were physically escorted out saying, he hoped someone would beat the "tar" out of them and that he would pay the attorney fees for anyone arrested for doing so?

Or how about the innocent woman who was run over by a white nationalist and Trump supporter in Virginia? Instead of calling out and condemning the unnecessary violence of the events that unfolded that weekend, all he could say was that he was sure there were some very fine people on both sides. People conducting marches reminiscent of the KKK and shouting anti-Semitic slogans are not some very fine people.

Or how about his all-time favorite of how Secretary of State should be locked up for the alleged violations of her email servers pertaining to national security? All allegations were found to be untrue, but yet Mr. Trump and his supporters, being prosecutor judge and jury, thought otherwise?

And how about his latest rallying speech? The invasion from Central America approaching our southern border? Five thousand regular U.S. troops assigned to bolster our southern border against an invading horde of murderers, rapists and some Middle Eastern bad guys all disguised as human beings fleeing their homeland because of poverty and out-of-control violence. Let's not forget that last week Mr. Trump said that it would be acceptable to fire upon anyone who tried to cross the border if they so much threw a rock at anyone in uniform.

How about the enemy of the people? Forget that the free press, which is protected by the Constitution, is some how the purveyor of "fake news" whenever it reports items that does not show our President in a flattering light.

So, yes, maybe in your mind, Mr. Armerding, our President is being falsely blamed for the some of the violence that is happening in our country. But if he were to use the same fervor in his speeches to condemn the violence as strongly as he all but condones it to his supporters, we wouldn't have such a divided nation!

Joel Butz,