Vote Cournoyer into Iowa Senate

As a fourth-generation Clintonian, I would like to give a ringing endorsement on behalf of Chris Cournoyer for the Iowa State Senate. I have seen firsthand how hard she has worked for the schools because she is the president of the school board where my daughter's children attend. Chris is not only very smart, but she has a profound passion to work tirelessly and focus on unmet needs for her school and community. She knows how to get things done!

She works on a seven-person school board and she works very well with people on both sides to achieve a common good. She has also done a tremendous amount to push science, technology, engineering and math (STEM programs). We need a skilled educated workforce so that we can grow our economy and attract good businesses to come and stay in Clinton. I know Chris Cournoyer personally and she is a hard worker who works well with others to get things done. She is a champion of time management and forward thinking. She is always focused on understanding the main issues at hand without having any personal incentives to cause bias. Chris is a self-realized individual and a person of principle.

We want a person who has smarts, emotional stability, self-motivation, ethical standards, decision-making skills, professional attitude, empathy and character. Chris Cournoyer is that person. I endorse her without reservation as a brilliant asset to the Iowa State Senate.

Sarah Bassler Brisch,