YWCA seeks permission to allow men to serve on board

Your YWCA Clinton is doing great things in our community.

Recently upon board approval, the full membership was asked to allow the application to YWCA USA for a “gender-neutral” election to our board and membership. This measure was approved and YWCA Clinton is currently gathering letters of support from noted members of our community. We will be sending these letters with our application to our national organization YWCA USA, for their approval and our resulting implementation, if our national organization approves this exciting change for us.

What does this mean?

After over 103 years of faithful service in our community, our local YWCA will be able to have men on our board. Recognizing we are too small to be exclusive even though we have always been inclusive to our community, this new step will be appreciated by many. Men serve on our committees now and fill many vital roles in the operation of our center. This is a change that will allow us to continue to serve our community.

I would also like to say thank you to the many fine women whose shoulders we all stand on for getting us to where we are. Without them we would not be here for all of you.

Jennifer Graf,

Board member, YWCA Clinton