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Clinton has a history of being known for spectacular Christmas light displays.

The Iten display is one in particular that brings back memories for many long-time Clinton residents, who can remember making the trip to see it on Bluff Boulevard when they were children, decades ago.

And for the past 25 years, visitors from near and far have made the trek to see the Symphony of Lights, a drive-thru Christmas display in Clinton’s Eagle Point Park. Spread throughout Eagle Point, in Clinton’s north end, the Symphony of Lights has somewhere around 25 large displays and another 50 or so small ones, all aimed at sparking holiday joy in those who cruise through the park between 6 and 9 p.m. each night.

Just like those who set up the Iten display of years ago and the Symphony of Lights of today, there are others who no doubt put a lot of time and money into their lighting displays, which we often learn about through word of mouth. So, this year, we want to shine a light on their work and dedication as they bring Christmas to their neighborhoods.

We are encouraging readers who are so inclined to send us the location of their lighting displays so we can compile a list for publication that people can refer to when out looking at the lights.

We will have a head start with the Kiwanis Lighting Display list that soon will be out. Over and above that, we’d like to know about other special displays located in Clinton, Camanche, throughout the county and over in Fulton and Morrison, Illinois.

Just email us at news@clintonherald.com with the address of the display and the name of the people who put it up and we will add it to our list, which we will print in the paper and share online and on our Facebook page. We will start publishing the list next week and will update as more displays are up and the information is sent to us.

So, let’s have some fun. Because while the Christmas season will look a little different this year as we celebrate in the midst of a pandemic, sharing some light will make it a little brighter for all of us.

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