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Kudos to the 235 members of Mask Taskforce, Clinton County, Iowa. And they are a force. Their work has earned accolades from all who hear of their work, from all who wear their masks and gowns and extenders and headbands.

Someday they will be told to stop sewing.

Today is not the day. If you looked at my dining room table today, you would think we have more than enough masks. The mask basket runneth over. (Say that three times really fast!) That is not what we want.

So here’s something we’d like you to do. When you are out and about and see people without masks, ask the store manager or the office manager if they would like to have masks to pass out to their customers. Then give them our email: Clintonmaskforce@gmail.com

It’s easy to complain about the people who aren’t wearing masks, but we don’t know why they aren’t wearing the masks. Not everyone knows we have free masks available. So please share the word that we can help.

Dianne Prichard, Mask Taskforce, Clinton County, Iowa